Corona Lockdown Phase 3

May 2020: The Indian population is already in the third phase of the curfew (= lockdown), which is to remain in force until May 17. Here and there, minimal easements of the measures were created, but in total, the 1.3 billion Indians have been living under strict curfew for 8 weeks in a row.

We at UPPAHAR, many other non-governmental organisations and also governmental institutions throughout India are all doing our utmost and in every way possible to provide as many people as possible with food parcels. Some of them reached the food really at the last minute!

Thank you – UPPAHAR was able to supply 8,500 people!

We are overwhelmed that so many friends have made this life-saving help possible through their generous gifts.  So far we have been able to provide about 2200 families or over 8500 people in 31 places with these survival kits and hygiene items for 1 month. Thank you all very much!

Distributions for the 2nd month started

Now that the food has been consumed, the distributions for the second month have begun:

From April 16th to 18th, Rajat was able to give basic food to 112 families (stranded day labourers & poor) in Khordha. Some of the day labourers came from a neighbouring state, from West Bengal, 500 km away.

Similarly complicated was the distribution of food to 60 families who were working as day labourers from Odisha near Chennai. They know Uppahar and in their great need they had called and asked for help, as they had absolutely nothing to eat for 2 days already, with women and children! Thanks to the Lord that it worked out and these 60 families can now cook and eat together again!

Saved from an act of desperation

Mrs. C. and her husband Ch. live together with 4 children and their 2 widowed grandmothers. Usually C. and her husband go to the nearest town to feed the family as day labourers. However, it is not always possible to have a meal 3 times a day. Since the curfew they are not allowed to go into town for work. But without work there is no money and also no food! The family has no land of their own where they could grow something.

This hopeless situation affected the whole family of eight psychologically in such a way that they had already planned to take poison to put an end to their lives. The village president told us this with the request if we could not help the family.

In this way our co-workers were able to help an entire family to survive and to give new hope again: through the food and through God’s word and prayer!

Once again many thanks to all of you for your prayers and gifts!

Your family Pani with the whole UPPAHAR team

Corona Lockdown Phase 3

Nun befindet sich die indische Bevölkerung schon in der dritten Phase der Ausgangssperre (=Lockdown), die bis 17. Mai gelten soll. Hier und da wurden minimale Erleichterungen der Maßnahmen geschaffen, doch im Ganzen leben die 1,3 Milliarden Inder nun schon 8 Wochen am Stück unter strikter Ausgangssperre.

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