Corona Relief – Phase 2

April 30, 2020: The lockdown has been extended until 3 May (with allowance of basic supply). It proved to be very difficult to get enough food for distribution. Therefore we quickly switched to giving only the raw food, always for 4 weeks.

UPPAHAR now serves 13 villages / colonies that are not considered by state officials.

So far we distributed the following food and hygiene items per family for 4 weeks to stranded migrant workers, unemployed day labourers, homeless, beggars, lepers, HIV/AIDS sufferers etc:

  • 10 kg rice
  • 2 kg lenses
  • 2 litres of oil
  • spices, tamarind, salt, soap

So far we have also been able to cover about 800 families of our 1000 children of the 3 children’s projects with this 4-week basic care as well as 10 other colonies with which we have had little contact so far. So there are now a total of 13 settlements being supplied. For another 4 weeks, we have committed ourselves to ensure the basic supply.

We also want to supply 3 leprosy colonies. These 67 leprosy families will receive 1 daily warm meal cooked by UPPAHAR in addition to the raw food. Only 1 person per family is allowed to distribute, children have to stay at home. They also received 10 kg of vegetables with the 4-week ration.

We pray that we will be able to help these people as long as necessary and get the food etc. to supply these 13 places for another 4 weeks.

Many recipients of the aid supplies should be able to recognize God’s love for them.

We also pray for health and strength for our staff, who are outside all day long in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and who arrange and carry out this work with much love.

We thank all those who pray for these relief efforts and/or have already spontaneously donated! May our faithful Lord bless you richly for this and may he also protect and preserve you all.

With very warm greetings from the 3 Pani’s & the UPPAHAR family!

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