We help those who cannot speak for themselves and speak for the rights of all who are destitute.


UPPAHAR is an Indian first name and means “gift”. Where injustice is done to people and they are despised, we want to give them appreciation and love – a dignity that is given to them by God. UPPAHAR is committed to this in the East Indian states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh with a variety of projects and programs. On this website we would like to inform you about our history, our goals and our projects and would be very pleased if you would support UPPAHAR. We guarantee that every amount will arrive and be used for the given purpose. You can find out how you can support UPPAHAR on our donations page.

Our four areas


Our projects can be divided into four areas:


Poverty is often passed on from generation to generation. We know that education is the most important building block for escaping poverty. That is why we are active with various educational projects in 41 villages. In this way we give the growing generation a solid foundation for a better future. We are currently reaching about 4000 children. In addition, there are the children in our children’s homes, for whom UPPAHAR provides a solid school education. You can read more about our educational projects here: Education


For many impoverished families, medical care, which we in the western world take for granted, is far beyond their possibilities. UPPAHAR helps the poorest to improve their health situation through various projects. Read here how we promote the health of the poorest: Health

Village development

UPPAHAR stands for holistic development work that starts with the children and their families and has an impact on the whole village. Thus poor people as well as members of the tribal population are given a perspective for their lives and hope for a better future. You can find out how we do this here: Village Development

Love in action

Here are our projects: Love with Action

Rajat, Annegret and Asha

Annegret and Rajat Pani

This is our leadership in India: Annegret and Rajat Pani, here with their daughter Asha. You can learn more about UPPAHAR here: Who we are

Board of UPPAHAR Germany

The board of Uppahar Deutschland e. V.

This is the board of UPPAHAR in Germany together with our founders Peter and Hildegard Wieland