Village Development

UPPAHAR village development stands for holistic development work. Poor people, untouchables (so-called “Dalits”) as well as members of the tribal population get a perspective for their lives and hope for a better future. This includes the following projects:

Sheep Distribution Programme

Our sheep distribution programme is a project for self-help. We give needy, mostly widowed people a pair of sheep with which they can start breeding. With the sale of the young animals and the use of wool and milk, they can earn their own living – like the girl on the picture. As an orphan she lives with her uncle. Thanks to a sponsorship she was able to finish school and now wants to start a vocational training. Thanks to the sheep couple she can cover part of her vocational training costs herself. The uncle takes care of the animals.


About 80 marginalized and neglected widows living below the subsistence level receive a small monthly pension from UPPAHAR as basic care.

Colourful Festival for Widows

Widows in India often receive little support from their families. In order to appreciate and encourage them, once or twice a year we organise a colourful festival for them. We cook a special meal for them, celebrate a festival service, and the women receive a new garment (saree) or a warm blanket.

Tailoring Project

In Lolugu (Andhra Pradesh), we offer regularly a six-month tailoring course for women without school or vocational training since 2012. After successful completion, they are given a sewing machine as a gift and are thus able to earn their own income. UPPAHAR has four tailoring training centers.

Plantation Project

With the profit generated on our cashew and teak plantations we support some of our projects.

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