Uppahar verteilt Lebensmittel in Leprakolonie

UPPAHAR starts Corona Relief in India

April 05, 2020: UPPAHAR starts distributing basic food to stranded migrant workers and the poorest who are most affected by the Corona crisis.

The background: In India a 21-day curfew was imposed on 24.3. because of COVID-19, which was announced only 4 hours before. Factories and construction sites closed spontaneously. A large part of the 100 million migrant workers are now stuck in the cities without income, food or shelter because they could not make it home to their villages before. Hundreds of thousands fled the hunger from the capitals on foot towards their home villages. Some were stopped on the way and disinfected with very questionable “therapies” or punished and beaten because they were on the streets during curfew. Some march hundreds, even 2000 km on foot home without food! By far not all of them arrive alive.

UPPAHAR received a letter from the Ministry of the Interior on April 3. We are asked to distribute basic foodstuffs. For this we do not get any money from the Indian state, i.e. we finance everything from donations.

We started with the relief action on April 5th. We will provide about 900 people with basic food so that they do not starve.

The whole thing is a big challenge for us, but we are glad that we can express the love of God with it.

If you would like to support this project with a donation, please include the keyword “Corona” in the subject line. Thank you very much!

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