Touching encounters during our Covid-19 relief distributions

UPPAHAR has been distributing food to the needy for 5 months now. We could show dozens of videos about distribution actions, which show the same thing over and over again: Needy people in the villages who receive the most basic necessities from UPPAHAR to survive in this crisis. Instead, we would like to tell you about encounters that have particularly touched us.


In this video you see a woman receiving rice and other food. Rajat talks to her briefly about her problem and present situation. She is a widow, lives alone and walks hardly due to her back pain. She can hardly believe that she is receiving all of this for nothing in return. You can also see the hopelessness of this woman. We hope and pray that through our gifts we were able to bring some light into her situation. We are very happy that thanks to your donations we have the opportunity to do good for many who live in similar situations. As long as we have the means to do so, we will continue. Thank you so much!

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