For many poor families medical care is not possible. UPPAHAR helps the poorest to improve their health situation through the following projects:

Water Project: Drilling of Wells and Water Distribution

UPPAHAR organises the drilling of wells in villages where water is scarce and/or safe, clean water is not available.

During the three hottest months of the year (April, May and June), UPPAHAR organizes drinking water distribution at various junctions. The temperature rises to over 45°C and with it the number of heat-related deaths, especially among the poorest. This service is especially vital for the so-called “untouchables”, as they are not allowed to take water from public water sources and wells.


The people in the remote villages have no access to medicines and medical care. That is why UPPAHAR regularly offers one-day health camps there. A team of doctors examines, advises and cares for the many hundreds of people free of charge. UPPAHAR finances the doctors, nurses and all medication.


In the villages, there is a lot of ignorance about things that we as Western Europeans take for granted. That is why we offer educational programs to support not only the children but also the adult villagers in the long term. We educate about topics such as:

  • Hygiene
  • general healthcare
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child marriage and family counselling
  • Information about state aid / programmes
  • Possibilities of self-help groups

In this way, we experience how the educational programs bring about positive changes for the entire village community.