School supplies for the children

Soon we will distribute school supplies to the children again. We appreciate donations so that we can fulfill this task.

Thanks to the donations, we were able to distribute school supplies to 1860 children for the last time in November and December 2021. They received exercise books, writing materials, crayons, exam books and a school bag. Here you can see a picture from this distribution campaign.

In order for children in India to be allowed to go to school, they also need a school uniform. Thanks to your donations we are also able to provide this uniform. In addition, there is a Christmas dress and shoes or sandals.

So the new school year can start for the children. Look at the happy faces, we are happy with them!

You will find more information on our education projects and how you can participate here: Education

Widows program 2021

The Corona situation in India has eased in our region. Now we can finally carry out our regular projects again. For example, we distributed clothing to 2350 widows during the “Colorful Day for Widows”.

A member of parliament invited to the distribution had already read about our UPPAHAR projects in the newspaper several times. He doubted the authenticity of the reporting. Therefore, this time he participated himself. He was so enthusiastic about the action and the good quality of the clothes that he gave each widow additional money. Afterwards, he promised to buy a saree for every woman in the village.

Why are we doing this? Widows in particular have a difficult life in India. Especially in rural areas, superstitions and myths about women who have lost their husbands still persist. For example, if you go to work in the morning and see a widow on the way, you lower your eyes and quickly go back home to cover the distance again to avoid possible misfortune.” According to our motto, “Open your mouth for the mute and for the cause of all who are abandoned,” we are very happy to take care of widows.

Thank you, donors, for making this important ministry possible!

The children are back

We waited a long time for this: since March 2020, our children were in the villages. The children’s homes were closed, the whole country was in lockdown. With the help of our sponsors, we were able to provide basic food to many thousands of families, including our children in care. Since February 2021, schools have reopened in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Children are coming back, and in Andhra Pradesh, 90% of the children are already back in our children’s homes and daycare centers. We have started distributing the school equipment for the new school year. Here are some pictures:

    In Odisha, the situation is still somewhat different. Until now, children in grades 9 to 12 were allowed to return to schools and homes.

    News of our Tailoring Project

    In this article we show you what a tailoring course with 9 participants has achieved.

    Encounters in Indien – the Patra Family

    In June, Rajat saw a shocking report on local television about the Patra family. They live with nine children in a “cave of garbage”. The report motivated us to help.

    Covid-19 Update of our relief efforts

    Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in India. Our employees continue to distribute relief supplies. Each of our business areas is affected. An update.

    Corona Lockdown Phase 3

    May 2020: The Indian population is already in the third phase of the curfew (= lockdown), which is to remain in force until May 17. Here and there, minimal easements of the measures were created, but in total, the 1.3 billion Indians have been living under strict curfew for 8 weeks in a row.

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    Corona Relief – Phase 2

    April 30, 2020: The lockdown has been extended until 3 May (with allowance of basic supply). It proved to be very difficult to get enough food for distribution. Therefore we quickly switched to giving only the raw food, always for 4 weeks.

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    Uppahar verteilt Lebensmittel in Leprakolonie

    UPPAHAR starts Corona Relief in India

    April 05, 2020: UPPAHAR starts distributing basic food to stranded migrant workers and the poorest who are most affected by the Corona crisis.

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