Poverty is often passed on from generation to generation. We know that education is the most important building block for escaping poverty. That is why we are active with various educational projects in 41 villages. In this way we give the growing generation a solid foundation for a better future. In this way we are currently reaching about 4000 children. In addition, there are the children in our children’s homes, for whom UPPAHAR provides a solid school education.

Sponsorships for children

At four different locations in the states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh UPPAHAR has children’s homes in which about 300 children live. These children come from families that are proven to live below the subsistence level. Some of the children are half or full orphans, others are uprooted by accidents, disasters or persecution. Through sponsorships we can provide these children with a balanced diet, clothing, a good school education, remedial teaching and medical aid.

Would you like to support a needy child? You are welcome to do so with a 1:1 sponsorship (costs: 35 € per month) – please contact us.

Carmel English Medium School (CEMS)

CEMS in Khordha (Odisha) is an English-speaking private school. Students obtain a nationally valid degree, as the school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) in New Delhi. The school, which is constantly growing, now has room for 1800 students. All grades from nursery to 10th grade (high school graduation) are offered. In April 2015 the Junior College, the “Carmel Senior Secundary English Medium School” was opened, in which two secondary grades (11th and 12th class) are taught. Here is the link to the school’s homepage: Carmel Website

School uniform distribution

A school uniform enables children to attend a state village school. Without such a uniform is not possible to attend school. Since many families do not have the money to pay for it, UPPAHAR finances a new school uniform for each of the approximately 4000 children in the village education programs once a year. Here you see Rajat Pani distributing school uniforms to children who are happy to go to school.

Day Care Centres

In our day care centres we support children in their home village. In addition to schooling, they receive free learning coaching and tutoring as well as a balanced meal per day. In addition, the children receive lessons in hygiene and health. They learn to develop their social behaviour by taking part in sports and games together. We want this young generation to receive a holistic and practical education that will enable them to have a better future.

Village tutoring

In the village tutoring, the children receive extra tuition through additional lessons and supervision. This gives them a better chance of achieving school-leaving qualifications.