Our Tailoring Project

Since 2012, we have been offering a six-month tailoring course for women without schooling or vocational training. After successful completion, they receive a sewing machine as a gift and are thus able to earn their own income. To enable the women of our village development workers to earn part of the family’s living themselves, we have started to offer these women a tailoring course as well.

Nine of these women have already completed their three-month intensive course and completed the free training at our tailoring center. At the end they received a sewing machine and a starter set of fabrics, Indian dresses, sarees and children’s clothes for sale. With this, the women could immediately start their business.

Joyful at work

The women are working with joy in their “tailoring stores” in their small houses or under the canopy. Here they are:

That is why we do this

Already after a few months we see good fruits of this project: The women become very agile and creative. They enjoy it very much to be able to contribute financially to the family maintenance. But the greatest joy they have is that they get many new social contacts in this way. They make new friendships and in this way contribute to the service of their husband. They now feel much more strongly that they are part of the ministry. The tailoring project fulfils its purpose: We fill the hands of the women of our village development workers so that they in turn can fill the empty hands and hearts of others! And this with such great enthusiasm – on all sides!

Many thanks!

The women thank you from the bottom of their hearts for this wonderful support, which has been a great blessing for many people, especially during the Corona period.

The next group of ten participants has just started their three-month intensive course. Thank you very much for supporting this project!

Out tailoring project is part of our village development program. You will find more information here: https://www.uppahar.de/en/village-development